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Due to the fact that I’ve been moving I forgot to point out that about three weeks ago I created a small Git cheet sheet. Quoting my email to the Git mailing list: I took a short break from being insanely handsome (which takes a lot of my time – gorgeous doesn’t just happen) and based on similar work for Mercurial created a little SVG cheat sheet for Git. I’m not sure if it’s going to be useful for anyone else (the target audience was composed of engineers who agreed to move to and work from Norway so you know right of the bat that historically they already made some bad decisions), but the times when I do art are so rare that I feel the need to share.

The thing that I took from the Mercurial sheet, besides the idea, is the flow-chart (people dig icecream and flow-charts, the first one is really hard to get into a SVG rendering so I went with the second) so the license is the same as of the Mercurial sheet which was Creative Commons. There’s likely a few errors in it and if you have any suggestions or if you sport latex pants and a fancy green hairdo that goes with those pants (which equals the fact that you’re an artist) and would like to pimp the sheet out, it would be my pleasure to help you.

The SVG is at:
Sample png’s are here:

I also got up to speed on all the latest announcements. I thought that the Novell’s Spotlight collaboration announcement was disappointing. I’m referring to the “Microsoft will provide Novell the specifications for Silverlight”.

Richard Leakey once said “We are human because our ancestors learned to share their food and their skills in an honored network of obligation”. I love that quote because it so beautifuly describes what we, so heavly, rely on in the Open Source community. For a company to take from the great ocean of free knowledge, led by an open standard of SVG and end up with a closed specification is just disgusting. Seeing an Open Source company strike a deal to cooperate on that closed technology is just sad to me. I understand why they did it but understanding something doesn’t make it morally right.

I really hope, pointlessly as it might be, that the work on the Silverlight specification and the specification itself will be open. You obviously thought that SVG isn’t good enough for your purposes and you built on top the experiences and ideas taken from SVG. Let us improve SVG based on your experiences and ideas. Once we’ve done that, you’ll be able to repeat that process again. That’s the way it works and that’s the way our society has always worked.

Despite what you might think, you don’t own ideas, they belong to us all.

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