How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages

Yesterday we wrote an article on the site showing you how to increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate in WordPress. One of the tips we mentioned was splitting long posts into multiple pages. You can see an example of how we split our posts into two pages or even into five pages. After writing that article, we got a lot of inquiries from people asking us multiple questions. How do you split the posts into multiple pages? I put the <!–nextpage–> tag, but no pagination shows up. Well worry not. In this article, we will show you how to split WordPress posts into multiple pages.

On most well-coded themes, all you have to do is paste this code: <!–nextpage–> wherever you want the next page to start. The pagination will automatically show up. But that might not be the case if your theme is not coded properly.

If for some reason, pagination is not showing up after you have pasted the next page tags, then you would need to add the following code in your single.php loop.

<?php wp_link_pages(); ?>

Once you add that, then the pagination will start to show. There are several parameters for this function that you can use. The codex page for Styling Page-Linksdoes a good job explaining that.

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